Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Goals

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I just closed the lid of the laptop, ready to spend some time with yet another book before heading to bed. As I sat down with my latest title I realized that it is Tuesday. (A byproduct of vacation - lose awareness of days of the week!) I don't want to fall into the pattern I did last summer and fall out of the blog-o-sphere while on vacation. We even have fast, reliable internet this summer.

Books, one of the many things I love about vacation. I have read one novel and one professional development book each day of vacation so far this summer. (Don't get too excited, it's been three days.) I have released a bunch of book from my hold list at my public library at home. Vacation is a time when I read more physical books and fewer on Kindle, since I have more access to printed library material in the States. I am getting the pile ready.

So, my goals for the summer, other than the usual 'spend time with family and friends', 'soak up the joys of summer in the NW', 'spend as much time outside as possible', and 'not set an alarm' include these two as well; 'read' and 'blog'.

The idea of reading a book a day was a challenge I embraced at Christmas and loved it. I was able to read titles I don't have free access to overseas. I found that by getting up before the rest of my family I had a good chunk of reading time in the morning and was able to find other, smaller chunks, throughout the day. Summer is quite a bit longer, there is daylight for loads of it, and we'll see how I fare.

As far as blogging, the Slice of Life Story Challenge will keep me going for Tuesdays. I am sure I can manage to come up with a visual for Wednesdays. Thankfulness will inspire my Thursdays. I would like to find another post each week for a goal of four posts per week. (I also post books I've read on the last Monday of the month, but perhaps for the summer that will be every Monday.)

The biggest challenge for this will be trips scattered throughout the summer. I prefer to blog from my laptop as I love Windows Live Writer (thanks to Kristen's recommendation at some point). I have tried a variety of apps on both my iPhone and iPad and have yet to find something that works well and reliably. (If you have a suggestion, I am open to it!)

So there are my summer goals, in writing, posted for the world. Now there is some sort of accountability. Let's see how it goes.


  1. Kudos to you for all the great plans! I am hoping to blog a bit more during the summer as well!

  2. I promised myself I'd Slice every week we were at home. I missed week two! I love to get up early and read in a quiet house.