Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Image by MB-One

Wouldn’t it be great if every time you needed a taxi they were lined up and waiting? Since that isn’t reality, I’m thankful for Uber.

Last fall my daughter and I waited and waited and waited on the side of the road for a taxi to take us to a birthday party. Friday afternoon traffic didn’t help and we were the last to arrive. While I was talking with other moms one told me about Uber. I had never heard of it, but downloaded the app and when it was time for the next birthday party I gave it a try.


I love that I can request a car, see the car’s current location, know who is coming (name, car type, and license plate number, as well as star rating), have the car be smoke free and clean, and most importantly not have to be carrying cash.

As I was reading through my blogs I just read this post posted on Saudi Women Driving. It talks about the several apps that are now available in the Kingdom. None of them were there when we left and I am glad to know I will still have connected options upon our return.

In Seattle I am thankful to have a car that I can simply drive myself where I need to be. Overseas that isn’t always an option. Uber is all over the place. Have you used Uber?

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  1. Your brother Scott introduced us to Uber recently. Your description could have been his telling us how it works her in Seattle. The world is indeed small!! (And we loved Uber too).