Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday

As each week unfolds I often find myself thinking, “This is something I am so thankful for!” Inevitably Thursday rolls around and if I haven’t jotted some things down somewhere I stare at a blank screen and, after a few minutes seconds I think of something else I should be doing and the screen remains blank. As the close of the day gets nearer I know the blank screen is there, hidden behind other windows, waiting for me to think of things I am, and have been, thankful for. Today is no exception to this scenario and I even remember thinking throughout the week how many, many things I would have to write about. Alas, I am now wracking my brain…


I’m thankful we had a weekend with nothing planned. The normal weekend things all took place and nothing extra – heavenly. (Especially when I realized it is the last one we have in this country.)

I’m thankful for girl time. In the past week I have had several opportunities to spend quality time with girl friends. This time of conversation and being together, as well as getting away from the responsibilities of life for a bit are refreshing to my soul.

I’m thankful for people who want to spend time with my daughter. This week she had an adult friend pick her up from school and spend the afternoon being creative together. Their creations are lovely, but even more importantly my daughter knows that she matters.

I am extremely thankful for physical therapy. I have been blessed with somehow having the head of the PT department wanting to treat me personally, even when they are not taking other patients. They are very skilled at what they do and I benefit from it.

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