Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I have seen you cry many times, but only twice had nothing to do with being tired, sad, or hurt.

Some rights reserved by Tanvi nimkar

The first time you were just turning two. To celebrate your birthday we were having a celebration at school with your daycare classmates. I knew you were looking forward to this, but had no idea how much until it came time for them to sing to you. As soon as we put the numeral '2' candle into your cupcake you were so overwhelmed with the moment before you that you teared up. Your beaming smile never dwindled as everyone sang and cheered for you.

The second time was just now. Four is old enough for you to start to understand these overwhelming things called 'emotions'. Daddy and I had been gone on our anniversary trip for a week. You rode with your grandparents to pick us up. As soon as the door opened and I hurried in to hug you the tears spilled from your eyes. You wiped them away as I helped you name what you were feeling and that tears don't always mean we are sad.