Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Proximity To Fame

Proximity to famous people is something sought by many. It's never been a thing for me. (There's this story, from high school, in which I gained a friend because I blew past the 'oh-wow-they-are-so-famous' part.) I am much more drawn to awesome people. If they happen to have become famous somewhere along the way - well, I won't hold it against them.

Last night I had the chance to fan girl, on multiple occasions, but I didn't. Tommy Kail and Seth Steward walked by me, like within two feet of me - twice. Luz Towns-Miranda and I locked eyes. My grin commanded my entire face. I said a million things to her; inside my mind. Luis Miranda was next - and I couldn't help myself! His smile is one of those smiles that shines from his eyes. I waved like a crazy person until I caught his attention and we both smiled. (Later, as he passed again, even closer, I controlled my flailing and noticed he had taken out his pony tail.)

I loved watching the reaction of those who had the chance to be in the room for the "In The Heights" tenth anniversary vinyl release signing. Some of those people I had a connection with and this was my chance to meet IRL. Emotions were strong and everyone was so positive through their grins, tears, numbness, or combination of the previously mentioned feelings.

The night was capped with the final two people we were waiting for walking out with Alex Lacamoire. A group picture was needed and we asked Sir Lac to be the photographer. (No "One, two, three, cheese!" for this musical wonder! "One and two and three" - click, right on the beat.) 

We give him the photo credit.

And here's the proof.

Monday, July 30, 2018

What I've Read This Month

What I've Read This Month...

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Monday, July 2, 2018

What I've Read This Month

What I've Read This Month...