Tuesday, April 30, 2019

What I've Read

What I've Read This Month...

Sunday, March 31, 2019

We Made It! (31/31)

31 of 31 - SOLSC 2019

Thank you to Two a Writing Teachers for the opportunity; to the slicing community for the support; and to all the little moments in my life for the inspiration.

Spring Break beckons...

What I've Read

What I've Read This Month...

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Aging (30/31)

30 of 31 - SOLSC 2019

The introvert had to really gear up for a party, but gear up I did. I did not let other, more intimate offerings sway me, nor sleep, nor massage. I freshened up and headed out, though not particularly excited about it. 

Music, lights, and laughter welcomed us - along with friendly hellos at the door. Conversations, jiving music, and delectible food were all enjoyed. Knowing the dancing was coming, I felt the tugs in opposite directions; practical vs. the dance floor - and then everything shifted. 

The music, that had been enjoyable, though a bit difficult to talk over with anyone who wasn't within a three foot radius. As the dance floor opened the decibels were turned up a few notches. Talking diminished to only what was necessary. The dance floor filled as did my head, with pounding. I must be getting older. I thought to myself as I gathered my things and headed back into the night.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Thank yous (29/31)

29 of 31 - SOLSC 2019

Like Dee Gordon, I have decided that saying "thank you" is important. I won't be taking out a full page ad in the Seattle Times. Those I want to thank won't be know to the world, let alone primarily by only their first name, but that doesn't diminish on the importance - perhaps it even enhances it.  

I'm toying with the idea of challenging myself to thanking someone each day or April, or maybe May - or my own observance of the month of Ramadan. I recently wrote a letter to someone that I had been drafting in my mind for years and years. I'm not sure why it took me so long to actually pull it out of my head and share it with them. Seems like a practice that would do everyone involved some good. I can't think of a reason to not do this. What are your thank you note rituals?

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Foot Massage: Variation (28/31)

28 of 31 - SOLSC 2019

I don't consider a day in Bangkok complete without a foot massage. Remember that a Thai "foot massage" not only involves your feet. It is a foot, lower leg, upper leg, shoulder, back, hand, arm, and head massage - and I LOVE them. I have had more than I can reckon, often with slight variations, but last night's held a first for me. 

The head is the last area massaged. You sit on what has been your foot rest, with you back to your massager. I get lost in the wonder of it all; scalp massage, pressure point, yanking on the ears, and then - what is happening?!

Taking two deep breaths I acknowledge to must that this is a move I had never encountered, but before I could decide if I was comfortable his fingers were in position and the quiet room went silent. One, two, three, four, five, six... I counted to myself. Before I got to ten he abruptly pulled his fingers from my ears, the quietness of the room returning, and a chuckle escaping my lips. A double dry willy - is that what that was?

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

That Moment... (27/31)

27 of 31 - SOLSC 2019

That moment when you notice the sky that was pitch black with a hint of deep purple just a moment ago is now blue, tingled with violet 34,000 feet above the earth. 

That moment when you realize that this airport is one you know well enough for a very efficient traversing; which bathroom will be empty, when to use the moving sidewalk and when to just keep walking, the duty free shop that will not only have what you need, but also won't put you at the back of the immigration line because you know to not take the first, or even second, turn off, and once you have the stamp in your passport and roller bag in tow you know the winding route and system for getting a metered taxi to your hotel.

That moment you doze off in the air conditioning of a Pepto Bismol pink taxi as it escorts you through the traffic of Bangkok.