Sunday, September 30, 2018

What I've Read This Month

What I've Read This Month...

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Remembering Moments

This post makes sense when you remember the date - September 11th. I had a bi-annual meeting scheduled for today and anytime someone said the date I bumped on it. When I got home my Facebook feed reflected that the U.S. had caught up to my calendar day. This year I was struck by two specific things.

That day was horrible. It was much worse for many. I am not going to retell my day. It is one of those moments that I am transported to as soon as someone mentions the 11th of September. There are tears. I have strong words with God. I come back to the present and go on.

This year, in addition to the images of the two towers, American flags, first responders, etc. there were postings about the musical "Come From Away". If you haven't been paying attention for the last couple of years, "Come From Away" is the story of Gander, Newfoundland on September 11th. Prior to its Tony winning Broadway run, the show ran in Seattle. The show is fun and fabulous, but with September 11th being at the heart of the show that days and all of its emotions run close to the surface. 

My mom's birthday, December of 2015, I asked her what she wanted to do for 'her day'. It was particularly important that she had a chance to as she was giving hospice care at home. She chose "Come From Away". So, in addition to the tears that would flow from the show the tears of grief were intermingled. We turned our phones off as we went in, but weren't sure if we would turn them back on to learn that the pain and ended and we were planning a memorial service. LOTS of emotions will always be linked to this show.