Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reading in Jeddah will never be the same


I love to read. Curling up with a good book is a fabulous way to spend
a few minutes, an hour, or an entire evening. (I have a two year old – entire days are not an option.) A good read becomes a
great read if you have not only a fabulous book, but a comfortable place to read.

The availability of books overseas can be a challenge. I have plenty of YA books to read as I try to keep up with books for my students. Both my classroom library and the school’s library provide opportunity to read. Books I would share in book club, if I were in the States, have been harder to come by. The school library does order some new titles every year, but only a few and only once a year. There is a pretty decent bookstore, but prices are inflated and often what I want is not available. Yes, I could order from Amazon and have it shipped, but I find it hard to choke down the price of shipping.

When I am in the States I am a happy public library patron. I add things to my hold list throughout the year. I then release some books from their frozen hold status a few days before I arrive in the States so I have the first few titles waiting for me when I arrive. I miss my public library when I am overseas. You can then understand that the idea of being able to check out library books to my Kindle was very exciting. I welcomed the news with optimism because usually these things don’t work when originated overseas. I was ecstatic to find out that the usual is not the case this time. I have access to my public library with holds and a wish list and chances to read. Ah, for those moments and hours and evenings to be filled with fabulous reads.

We now come to the part about wanting a comfortable place to read. Curling up in bed is nice. The best natural light in our house is on the daybed in my daughter’s room, but that doesn’t work when she is sleep, which is my best opportunity. Sometime I will put pillows on the landing of our stairs. This way I avoid the AC and have decent natural light. The downside is the floor, though carpeted, is still pretty hard. Our couches don’t really fit me. I try to modify with pillows, but being a smaller person it is hard to find a really comfortable place to sit. I am thrilled to say it is no longer a challenge for me at our Jeddah house! My husband bought me a little recliner that fits me perfectly! We now own two, one at each house. His is so big I can’t get out of it without crawling over the side. Mine is so small his head and legs don’t even come close to touching the chair. Someday we may have side-by-side recliners, but for now reading in Jeddah will never be the same. (At least for me.)


  1. I am glad you can now read in comfort. I can se the kindle will give you tremendous freedom to read what you like. In so many ways the e-readers fill wonderful niches. Here is to the joy of reading.

  2. Isn't it lovely when we can finally find a place to call our own? And then an opportunity arises that fits your needs, like the library/Kindle? Such small things are just what we are grateful for. Lucky you!

  3. You make me appreciate my library system all the more. Glad you now have a comfortable place to sit and savor the next best book.

  4. I am glad that your problems got comfortable solutions. Enjoy reading. Maybe Kindle could be the solution for book clubs at school also.

  5. Reading your post, I realize how much I take forgranted my constant access to books. Thankful you have a solution!
    Happy reading,

  6. It is nice to finally find a comfortable place to read. It can take quite a few tries before the right place is found. I am finding my iPad with Kindle and iBooks on it, is a wonderful way to read, especially at night. I don't have to have lights on, and don't have to hold the book open as I read in bed.
    Hope you have many good reads in Jeddah!

  7. I love your descriptions of your chairs. Glad you have a comfy spot. The library - it's a favorite place. Happy reading.

  8. Oh wow! How we can take those comfy places for granted, right? So happy for you to have a nice place now.

  9. Nights filled with fabulous reading are treasures, even better in a comfy spot! Happy for you.

  10. I'm excited about the library part of my Kindle too although I haven't tried it out yet. Your blog entry really had me thinking about so many things I take for granted that are difficult for many students and citizens of the world.