Friday, October 14, 2011

We Had the Run of the Place

Second grade - Mrs. Hale's class. I know, for sure, it was second grade because it was Mrs. Hale's class, but looking back I often think "Really? She really let 2nd graders have the run of the place?" We did have the run of the place.

I remember being given the opportunity, often, to work on projects, sometimes during recess. (And I don't remember Mrs. Hale staying in the room.) This was one of those lunch recess projects.

I have no recollection why, but we were painting on a long piece of white butcher paper, perhaps eight feet long. We had mixed the powder we needed for each color of paint in large glass jars. I remember the blue Miracle Whip lid.

There were seven of us; Amy, Christina, Jenny, Jodi, Jessie, JennieVen, and myself. We had been painting and talking and laughing - enjoying one another and accomplishing our task (whatever that was). When we had finished, and it was time to clean up, we all pitched in.

Someone rinsed out the paint brushes. A couple of people moved our completed work out of the walkway. I picked up the green paint by the Miracle Whip lid. You guessed it - the lid was not on firmly. The moment froze around us as green paint slammed onto the floor and splashed upon items in an irregular radius.

Do you remember the "Free to Be You and Me" song about 'some kind of help is the kind of help we all could do without'? In my mind the words are written in green paint.

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  1. Oh, this is a delight to read, Kristi! (But not a delight to feel what you were feeling that day....) Keep writing!