Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What’s the definition of teaching?

Redundant? Worthless? Slacking? Decoration? Unnecessary? Lazy?

These are the descriptors going through my mind as I walk around my room and find myself with nearly nothing to do.

All of my students are actively engaged with their group. Each person is learning, discovering, sharing, questioning, and recording. Fabulous – right? Then why do I feel like I’m not teaching?

Once I shake off my sense of uselessness I appreciate the inquiry process that is taking place before me. They are discovering meaning, assimilating information, and applying it to their worlds.

What is the definition of teaching?
Today I am a facilitator. A guide. An encourager of learning.


  1. Definitely shake off the feeling of uselessness! When they are doing the process you have so carefully laid out and modeled and taught and guided them toward...you just have to lift your hands. I love when it's time to watch it fall into place, and I just get to roam and give pats on the back! AND you know that they are ready for the next challenge! Congratulations on getting to the facilitator/encourager stage!

  2. A shepherd. When the flock is safe and prospering, you can rest.

  3. Just rest assured that you have brought them to this place, and that also there is another place to travel to, and another. That's good teaching, to see that your students know what to do in a certain activity, because you taught them.

  4. That is what real learning looks like! You have guided them there and will continue to guide as they come up with questions and ponder and learn. You have set the learning in motion and you will help it continue! Sounds like a wonderful scene to me!