Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Happy St. Nicholas Day

At 91 my grandmother needed assistance with her shopping, but when it came to purchasing Hallmark cards for everyone all she needed was a ride to the store. On this particular outing we passed Santa in the mall. "I've never had my picture taken with Santa" she happens to mention. Well, I couldn't let that go! She has been gone for nearly eight years now. Stopping to take this picture is something I am so thankful for (and she'll never know that I have cropped myself out as she couldn't possibly sit on Santa's lap without me - ha!)

Happy St. Nicholas Day everyone!


  1. What a wonderful memory. I've never had my picture taken with Santa either!

  2. Happy St. Nicholas Day. What a beautiful memory and picture. Something to treasure always.

  3. Your grandmother was beautiful and you can see the joy in her eyes. I'm so glad you had that moment and have this memory.