Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hashtags and a P.S.

"Family snuggles are the best, hashtag: so are my parents."

"Hashtag! What do you now about hashtags?!" I asked my eight year old.

As the grin spreads from cheek to cheek she grabs a whiteboard marker and goes into teacher mode with her easel.

"P.S. ia a note you forgot to add and hashtag is an exclamation!" she explains while she writes "#" and "P.S." in purple.

Teacher mode continues, "Hashtags are exclamations. Things like 'ice cream is best' or 'I love Hamilton'. A P.S. is like a note you forgot to write. In order to add it you put 'P.S.' first."

#  exclamations!

P.S.  note

She's never heard of Twitter, yet this third grader has an accurate working knowledge of these literary devices.

I stopped to do some research as I was writing this because I was curious the real history of each of these possibilities.

P.S. originated in the mid 16th century from the Latin post scriptum: after write.

2007 was the first time a # was used on Twitter and three days later a blogger called it a "hashtag". Twitter began hyperlinking hashtags in 2009 and the term reached the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014.

#daughters #parenting #writing

I suppose it makes total sense that my daughter knows what a hashtag is and should be a little more surprising that she has a clue about a P.S.


  1. My children are all grown up, but I well remember being fascinated by what they knew (or didn't know). My students all seem to understand the term hashtag as well. We don't use Twitter in our classroom, but social media has overtaken our vocabulary, some of which I have a hard time catching on to.

  2. I love that your daughter goes into teacher mode complete with marker and easel! I'm constantly learning from my grown kids. Sometimes it's more than I can keep up with, but it's exciting nonetheless, and fun when the younger generation teaches us. What I like best is the content of her hashtag - family snuggles and parents! That speaks to some loving parenting happening at your house.

  3. Love your structure! #GreatPost

  4. I love this. Kids now are growing up in such a different world than their parents, or grandparents. But it is fascinating that your daughter knows about P.S. That's a bit of cross-culturalism.

  5. It is amazing what kids just pick up- she probably cannot even really tell you how she knows, she just does. I love this post, as it is so reflective of your relationship and being a teacher's kid:)