Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A School Week


Life is all about perspective.

From my perspective, this week flew by. That is generally how things go for me from Spring Break until the last day of school. I reach the end of the week and look back, wondering where it went (and thankful that there is one less week to go). After tomorrow there are seven weeks of school remaining.

From my preschooler's perspective it has taken nearly forever to arrive at Wednesday. At the same time, there have been things she has looked forward to throughout the week.

Saturday is her Show and Tell day. This week she brought her camera. (That is a story in itself, which perhaps I will write about next Saturday when she tries again.) Saturday was also when we found out she would be going on a field trip and the count down began.

Monday, which is usually the day she hates, had her thrilled because for Earth Day she could wear something blue and/or green (as a fundraiser). Anytime she gets to wear a dress she is thrilled.

Today was an unexpected surprise. They have been studying spring and plants. This was the day she got to bring home her growing shoots in a cup. ("They need sun, air, and water everyday.")

She went to bed tonight so excited for the end of the week, as tomorrow she is going on a field trip to a 'garden' (really an elaborate plant shop) and Fuddruckers for lunch.

From either perspective, the week will end soon and we'll all be exhausted. Thankfully every week is followed by a weekend.


  1. I do love the weekend! And I can certainly identify with the exhaustion you speak of at the end of the week.

  2. The days are flying by...but it sounds as though your was filled with good stuff, Kristi!

  3. Growing shoots in a cup-always a good thing!