Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Awakening Senses

The flicker of the TV catches my attention
from beyond my eyelids.
I must realize I am in Luang Prabang because
the thumping that begins is the sound of the monks pounding on their drums. 

Why are they pounding so early?
It must be later than I realize. 
Wait a minute, there is no TV in this hut

My eyes peel open. 
The flickering continues
and is punctuated by actual flashes of light in the deep night sky. 

Perhaps I doze,
maybe not. 
I awake to the first sound of pitter patter on the roof,
the splash in the large tropical leaves. 

I love a storm. 

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  1. It's your title that catches me and won't let go. So often storms do awaken our senses, don't they. Thanks for sharing this today.

  2. You surprised me with this one, especially the mention of the monks and drumming. Great lead up to the final words, Kristi!

  3. I have to post here again. I just understood yesterday's post. Duh! I guess I didn't consider the title at all. I am definitely the April fool! Just wanted to say I'm glad you're not leaving!!

  4. Love your descriptions here. "the pitter patter on the roof" If I close my eyes maybe I can feel it too.