Sunday, April 28, 2013


We will have to wait until next week to see what the exact percentage of middle school girls will be, but there are going to be loads of them absent. No, it isn’t a bug going around, unless you consider “Bieber Fever” an ailment.

That’s right, Justin is going to be in concert and the fans from our school are headed to scream cheer him on.

If a concert goes late they might need to sleep in the next morning, right? It is more complicated than that. You see, the concert is in Dubai so our kids are flying to another country for the concert. Most of them will be gone four days – why not go for the weekend before the show?

Yes, the students here are not just begging for concert tickets, (which I had to pay for myself when I went to concerts AND that was in high school, not sixth grade!) Tickets for this show have to include airfare, hotel rooms, and plenty of shopping in the famous malls of Dubai.

They have it rough, don’t they?

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