Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Birthday Success?


I think all of her needs were met. (Talking with another mom this weekend, it is interesting how the needs of children vary so greatly. What mattered most to her child was that they got lots of presents. That wasn’t what G was concerned with.)

She wanted the house decorated - I put up streamers while she was sleeping.

She wanted a balloon - She woke up to a mylar '5' hovering in her room.

She wanted a cake, not cupcakes for school - We made it together, chocolate with pink frosting.

She wanted a '5' candle - pink to match the frosting.

I also had little PlayDoh containers for her to give each classmate.

She also had a list of other friends she wanted to celebrate with. Thankfully there were all church friends so Sunday we did cupcake brownies for the kids and a round cake pan of brownies for the adults, but really it was to hold the five large sparklers that are common on cakes around here.

She wanted to celebrate as a family and she wanted all of her presents on her birthday, not some then and some in Seattle. My in-laws made the delivery when they came last month and after dinner she opened her family presents (as well as a couple of others from church friends).

I also made her a "Now I Am 5" shirt and she had a ‘5’ crown a friend had given her.

I think she felt pretty special. J and I are happy with the price tag. We'll see if her satisfaction continues when we are at a big shindig for a classmate on Saturday.


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  1. Oh those shin digs. I think her birthday sounds magical. All the things that count. Happy Birthday little one!