Thursday, May 22, 2014

Christmas in May?

My daughter’s birthday is next week. Many conversations have evolved around how her birthday will be celebrated, but that is for another post. I realized, after the conversation I am about to recount for you, that she had never talked about the acquisition of stuff. It isn’t because she doesn’t have a wish list.

This is how I know…

While walking to school she tells me she wants three things Christmas. I find this odd, with her birthday in a few days, but continue to  listen. 

A Christmas Gift
Initially she doesn’t want to tell me, as she will ask Santa. I remind her that Saint Nicholas sometimes needs Mommy’s and Daddy’s help (I might also have added that I could help deliver the message.)

After some time to ponder this she asks me to lean over so she can whisper in my ear.

“I am going to ask for a laptop. A real one. And walkie-talkies. And a phone. A real one. And I meant four things. An iPad. A real one.”

She is grinning with excitement.

I tell her that I can guarantee that she won’t get any of those things, but she can ask.

As she scampers ahead my husband mentions his surprise that I am so definitive about her list. I realize he hadn’t hear the list and once it was recounted for him he smiled, agreeing. She won’t be getting any of those things.

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