Monday, May 19, 2014

Should have seen it coming!


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I am an advisor for our elementary student council. The student council is hosting a talent show this year. We asked for interested acts of third – fifth graders to sign up. I now get to sit through 60 auditions. (I won’t get started on the fact that these all have to take place during the school day and no grade level has the same recess time.)

I don’t know how I didn’t see this coming. (You are going to catch on VERY quickly.) The first act is two girls singing a song. When I ask the title they replied with a grinning, enthusiastic, “Let It Go”!


Are you laughing at me yet? How did I not see that coming?!?

As they were working their way through the song I had a brilliant idea. After everyone auditioned we would take all of the girls wanting to sing “Let It Go”, put them all together, and give them each a few lines. What a great way to incorporate more kids into our talent show? (Our show is a talent sharing, of the non-competitive variety.)

Brilliant? I thought so.

Now comes the real shock.

They were the only act that sang “Let It Go”.

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