Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The ratio has changed

Wo st 01/Wikipedia
The end of the school year is coming, but not as rapidly for us as for some. I was talking with friends who take even more holidays than we do, (they had yesterday off for a holiday that fell on Sunday). On top of that they get out a week and a half before us.

We are flying out the first flight possible. They are staying for nearly two weeks. How do I know? They fly the same day we do. On top of that, we are on the same airline.

She is Irish and he is American. When they said they are flying the same day we are I figured we would be on the same flight as we are flying through London this trip. London would be the natural connection to Ireland. To my shock they are headed to his family’s first, which means we are together all the way to Seattle!

This is terribly exciting for many reasons. First of all, G adores their children. (They have four ranging from a few weeks to 5 years old.) J is headed out before us for a conference so we would have been on our own. The ratio has now changed. Instead of one adult to one child, we are now three adults to five children. A grand improvement for them and I am excited too as helping kids make it through the grand journey from here to there I’ll take any help I can get.

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  1. Safe travels! I can sense your excitement - summer is here for you!

  2. A long journey with friends is always more pleasant. I like how you think not so much of how it's great for you but rather how you can help. Kind thoughts.

  3. So earned. Time for you to rest and be stimulated by a change of place with friends! Happy times ahead :)

  4. Your BA picture reminded me of some wonderful travels! Enjoy your trip!