Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How Does This Happen?

I do not know how this happens. I have every intention of slicing. My week is spent noticing small moments, drafting ideas in my mind, and thinking how nice it will be to return to the regular practice of writing.

And then I wake up and realize I did it again - went to bed without posting a slice. I have a few minutes until it is Tuesday midnight on the East Coast and I better get some words down. Generally, at that point, I think "What's the point?" and mentally berate myself ending with a vow to get back on the slicing train next week.



  1. Same thing happened to me today.

  2. Glad you showed up to check in. It's a tough time of year, just pat yourself on the back that you showed up this week!

  3. It's May - this happens. At least you wrote - that's a slice in itself. :)