Tuesday, May 22, 2018

These Days Are ________!

These days are ________!

As a teacher, quickly nearing the end of the school year, the blank could be one of many things. "Heavenly" probably isn't your guess, yet that is exactly what I find myself exclaiming over and over. 

With a list longer than I have time to write about of things that could be weighing on me amidst the normal chaos of the end of the year, add to that our school closing and my family moving 1,000 miles to our new home - you might think I've lost it.

So why the jubilation?

It is Ramadan and in this country that means the working day must be shortened. This is not the first year I have experienced this, yet it is the first time I have ever had a school day starting for students at 10 a.m. Let me tell you, it is lovely.

It is amazing what that 90 minutes does. I am still getting up at the same time as I did before Ramadan began, but it is no longer a dash to see if all tasks can be accomplished prior to our needing to walk out the door. 

Our afternoons aren't too shabby either, often with playdates in the pool outside our villa. And, with the later start time we have been able to relax bedtime for our daughter a bit. The dominoes continue as dinner can be within a 30 minute window. 

All in all, it nearly feels like summer vacation has already started with the more relaxed pace to our family life. So, as I was saying, these days are heavenly!


  1. I've heard colleagues of mine who have lived in countries where Ramadan is celebrated talk of the joy of Ramadan. I enjoy reading your account of it. Wonderful, isn't it, when our normal "busy" turns into unrushed time. Would that my students here in Canada could experience a Ramadan that includes some rest. Enjoy!

  2. I'm so happy for you! That sounds like the gift of time!

  3. "Heavenly" was unexpected. The extra hours in the morning make a wonderful gift. You have a big change ahead, great that you don't have full steam stress in your life right now.