Tuesday, April 13, 2021


The sky darkens. I notice because I catch myself thinking, "It's the middle of the day. Why would I pause at the light switch?" I grabbed a hoodie and make tea, brisk air and a damp walk are on my mind. The wind is blowing the palm branches vigorously.

"SPOTS!" yells my daughter as she rushes to put on shoes. 

Opening the door, the warm are blows in. No spots - at least not yet, mug in hand I ascend the stairs and return to work.

"May I go for a bike ride?" inquires my bored child. After talking through her route and when her next Zoom call is we agree on a plan and she heads out, wheeling her bike to the door. 

"For real now!" she doesn't hesitate to ride off, as the pavement begins to darken beneath her tires.

By the time I have finished typing this she is still gone, but so too are the spots.


  1. It sounds so refreshing! We are just entering rainy season here and I LOVE it! It never gets hoodie cold (at least for me), but still... Enjoy!

  2. Such clear images, and a metaphor not only for anticipating rains of life, but embracing them - for they are temporary.

  3. Rain through children's eyes - new and surprising!

  4. Beautifully captured. Gives an essence of refreshment.

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