Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Things That Make My Mother Happy

There are many things that make my mother happy. These are some of them...

Her grandchildren

A bobbin that doesn't run out of thread during a project

Carmina Burana

The color blue


More fabric

A good puzzle

Seeing live theater

A well read audio book

Singing in a choir (especially if it is a Colorado College Tour Choir Reunion)


The anticipation of a trip

John Rutter's choral arrangements

Not cooking

The view at our family's place on Fox Island

Justice and acceptance for all

Into The Woods

Communicating via email rather than the phone

Ferry boats

That the end of March didn't bring an end to my slices of life being posted here



  1. My mother was a seamstress - that bobbin not running out of thread plunges me straight back to childhood. So many powerful images; your mother embodies joi de vivre. You capture it well here - and how perfectly you leave us with a picture of her celebrating your writing. Yes, let us celebrate ongoing slices of life!

  2. The bobbin one made me laugh. 30 years ago I learned how to quilt. Every time that bobbin ran out, I used to get SO annoyed!

    My parents also love March because they get a better peek into the daily lives of their grandkids. I wish I could keep up daily blogging about them all year round. I used to, but just cannot seem to make it happen on a daily basis year-round anymore!

  3. Your list creates a pleasant portrait of your mother and her interests. Amid her hobbies, you mentioned "Justice and acceptance for all" -- she sounds like a caring woman, with plenty to do.

  4. Made me wonder if my own kids would be able to draw up a list of things that THEIR mother likes. This will be our weekend family activity now! Loved reading this, and yes, that bobbin reminded me of my own mom teaching me to sew!

  5. How sweet to devote a slice to your mother and her many likes. The word bobbin takes me back to my Nonnie and Mother and their sewing days. They were both so talented.