Sunday, April 1, 2012

Inspired to Link - Belfast edition


This is a bit different then a typical 'Inspired to Link". Rather then tidbits I have come across and want to pass along these are sites linking you to places we have been to, or are about to go to, in Belfast.

On our drive through the Republic of Ireland we stopped at Monasterboice to see the high tower and the large Celtic crosses.

Our outing the next day involved walking through Queen's University, the Belfast Botanic Gardens and Palm House, and the Ulster Museum.

The following day involved a fabulous local park, a 4 year old's birthday party, and a visit to Castle Espie.

We celebrated Palm Sunday at Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church (with an Irish worship leader, Scottish music leader, English lecturer, and American preacher). Later one of our walks was at The Giant's Ring.

Tomorrow we will head to the brand new Titanic Belfast building and see the play "The Boat Factory".

I will eventually get my photos up, but not having Windows Live Writer or Picasa, two programs I use regularly to blog, cramps my style a bit. I will get everything up when I get home. This is to tide you over.

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  1. So, here I am in Colorado, prepping to return to work after spring break, Kristi. I am so envious of all you are doing. My son & family toured Ireland a couple of years ago & say they want to return. Thanks for the links! These are all fabulous! Can you imagine the building of those towers at Monasterboice? Happy travels!

  2. Ooh, I can't wait until you post photos! I've never been to Ireland and would love to visit sometime.