Friday, April 13, 2012

G's new books

Our daughter came back from Spring Break with many new things. Memories top the list, but a few material possessions were added to our home. Do new pajamas that fit count? Probably not, but she also came home with six new books.

IMG_2978Read Aloud Bible Stories: Vol. 2 I had ordered her before we went. She has volume three and enjoys it very much. When my friend, Christine, talked about volume two having the Resurrection story in this post I had visited to have the book delivered to our friend's house. Risky to bring it home? Yes, but worth it.IMG_2976

Once we were in Belfast I had a great time exchanging children's book ideas with my friend. (Our friendship can actually be traced back to a class called "Children, Books, and God" at grad school.) One author I now LOVE, but had never heard of before is Oliver Jeffers. He is from Belfast and I think he is both insightful and hysterical. We came home with

IMG_2971How to Catch a Star and IMG_2972Up and Down

But I think I will be have the entirety of his collection before the summer is over.

Since the Titanic is HUGE in Belfast right now, (she was built there,) we needed a Titanic souvenir. IMG_2977Samson's Titanic Journey was the perfect choice with another local author, Lauren Graham. Her books are harder to find (not available on Amazon and only in a few book stores), but we came home with IMG_2970Brainy Bot The South Belfast Squirrel as well. One of the things that made it hard to not purchase more of her books is that we visited all the settings for the different stories.

The final addition to G's collection was

IMG_2973The Three Trees: A Traditional Folktale. This version was written by Elena Pasquali and illustrated by Sophie Windham. It is different then the one I know and have in the States. We really enjoy these illustrations. The great thing about this book is that it doesn't come right out and state its meaning so I knew it wasn't a risk to get pulled as we come back here.

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  1. The books look wonderful. How great to hear about authors from other countries. Thank you Kristi!