Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Out of steam


I didn't expect it to happen, but taking on the month long Slice of Life Challenge was never agonising. I guess I was in a zone, for a month. I had more ideas then there were days. Some days I thought I knew what I would slice about, but when it came time to write something else had to be written about.

I am glad the month is behind us. Thankful that I was able to meet the challenge. And I know that in subsequent years I have the knowledge that I can absolutely succeed with the month long challenge.

The irony of it all is that now we are back to 'only' slicing once a week I have nothing to write about. I tried to not panic last night as I went to bed, completely unsure of what I would write about today. When I woke up this morning I stayed in the warmth of the bed until G woke up because I still had no idea what I would write about.

I wasn't worried, we were headed out for adventures and surely something would present itself. The day went by and bits floated past, but nothing I could grab onto. Now it is evening. My wonderful husband is putting G down and my only task at hand is to write my slice.

I suppose I could write about the weather - a constant topic here in Belfast. I could try to summon up a post about the aquarium we visited today or about what a fabulous traveler our daughter is. Perhaps I could conjure up some words to share the joy of fellowship over a shared meal (though hurried through with two 2 year olds and a 4 year old) or the quiet evening of adult conversation and games that will commence shortly.

But I must be out of steam. I suspect that I had paced myself for the marathon month of March and a two day break is not enough recovery time for my writing muscles. I am hopeful for next week.


  1. Hi Kristi, I just read Deb's post, who was also out of steam. But both of you managed to entertain with a variety of words to let me know you were, definitely, out of steam. I liked that you were honest & sharing something can wait till next time. Enjoy Belfast!

  2. It's just like exercising...when we stop for even a doay or two....we get out of the cycle and have a thousand excuses....Writing must be more like exercise then I ever thought!

  3. Kristi- It's okay to take a week or two off to just step back and watch the world through your writer's eyes. Sometimes we need to put down the pen and just wonder so that we're renewed and ready to write again.

  4. I know exactly what you mean! I was a steadfast writer in March but struggling today. I am falling back on spring break though and planning to write about what I had set out to do this week and how it's going so far. Hope those ideas come flowing back to you :)

  5. Just think, next Tuesday is only 7 days away. So many new (or old) stories can become reality by then! Remember, you haven't lost your touch, you just needed to breathe to catch your breath!

  6. Ah, this is totally expected to be out of "steam" after our month long marathon. I'm actually finding myself missing blogging every day now. It feels weird to not have to write everyday!