Sunday, March 26, 2017

Confession, Memories, and a Cliffhanger

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I read Leah's post that was inspired by Whistle Pops. You can read it here. "It's funny how a picture can bring back a flood of memories in an instant." is how she starts her Slice. She closes with an image gallery of candy from her childhood. Now I am awash in memories myself.

One candy that she doesn't have pictured are Now and Laters. Did you eat these as a child? If not, think extra hard and sticky versions of Starburst. (There may be consequences for my writing this, as I know my mom reads my blog.) Confession: Mom, it wasn't apples or carrots that popped off the back brackets of my braces. There. I said it.

As I contemplate candy from my childhood the following items gurgle up from my memories:
Fun Dip
Pop Rocks
Ring Pops
Lemon Heads

Boston Baked Beans

Sour Patch Kids
Bottle Caps
Charlston Chews
Necco Wafers

I am struck that there isn't any chocolate on this list. These days I can pass on candy just about any time, it's chocolate that gets me. When did the chocolate things start? Whatchamacallit is fun to say. It is the chocolate bar I think of from childhood (besides plain Hershey bars for s'mores), but it wasn't something I had a thing for. High school is when my first chocolate memories begin; Peanut M&Ms (for breakfast), Skor bars (with Coke Slushies), and selling the chocolate caramel band fundraiser bars to myself.

One more memory - the first picture on Leah's post is this...

I figured that I must have written about this before, but a search of my blog shows nothing. I am not ready to write about it today, either. I am sure it will come out one day.


  1. Your confession is sweet. But as a mom, I am certain she already knew that the bracket coming off was candy induced!
    Thanks for a trip down memory candy-lane.

  2. My head always felt like it was going to explode the few times I made the mistake of chewing Pop Rocks.

    I was (and still am) more of a chocolate person.

  3. Do you remember Big Hunk? And I would go to the movies just so I could have a box of jawbreakers. Gosh, you made me remember candy I haven't thought about is eons!