Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Launching a Month of Writing

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Launching another March of writing is what today is mostly about. Recently someone mentioned this being their third March challenge. I was thinking it was my third or fourth and then I went back to my blog to look. Boy was I wrong - this is year SIX! This little journey that started as a way for me to have to sit and write, just like I ask my students to do, has taken root as a habit in my life.

While I am no longer nervous about wondering if I could possibly come up with something to say for 31 days in a row that doesn't mean that I walk into this with a blase attitude. It is still a HUGE thing to try to accomplish. The experience of successful years and the tremendous community simply wrap me like a soft, fuzzy, security blanket.

The real news of the day is that my class is posting slices on their blogs! You should have seen them this morning. Everyone was silently clicking away at their keys. Some chatter started once they published as they were then remembering how to (with a cheat sheet) post their URL in the comments of the class blog using HTML to create a hyperlink. I am also asking them to put the URL into a spreadsheet for tracking. The spreadsheet has additional tabs for tracking their comments by URL. It was time for snack and recess and nearly the entire class blew off snack to keep helping one another. It was awesome!

Now we wait for the rest of the classes to wake up, write, and post, so we can spread the comment love.


  1. Hooray! It feels like the first day of school today!! Love that your students are blogging in the challenge too. I have 21 of my sixth graders signed up and blogging with me too. That always makes it more exciting. Happy Slicing!

  2. How exciting that you and your class are both joining in the challenge. I'm sure the students will continue to inspire you and each other as it sounds like you're already off to a wonderful start!

  3. Excited to check out your class' posts! Mine will start today too!

  4. This is my first year, so it's always nice to hear there are people who have been doing it for a long time.

    That's so exciting about your students! I'm experimenting with this to see if/how I want to implement it in my course next semester.

  5. I hope your students will find the experience both exciting and rewarding. I hope your sixth year will bring some positive surprises to you too.

  6. Kristi, how exciting that you are at your 5 year mark and that this year you are leading your students to write right alongside with you.