Wednesday, March 9, 2022

(9/31) Around the Sun

9 of 31 - SOLSC 2022

Birthdays are funny in that the number is the trips around the sun you have completed and yet we tend to celebrate them as a year of something starting. I am more than ready to be fifty, so I am going to claim my 50th trip around the sun, which starts today.

I was also very ready to turn 40. I wonder if it is because my husband is older than I am. I adjust to the new number when he flips to the decade. By the time my turn comes around I feel like I am already part way into it, or playing catch up. 

If we weren't moving from pandemic to endemic I may have had thoughts of grandeur for this year. I am a planner. I could have figured out how to have all kinds of grand adventures to mark the year. There are a few things up my sleeve, which will be much more than my husband got for his, even with trying to reschedule the grand plans and still having to cancel. 

Next week we head off on a family vacation. Our first family odyssey since COVID began. In fact, as of today no PCR or antigen testing is needed for our going, coming, nor layover. It is going to be a grand week, but you'll have to wait until the 18th to hear more about it.

As for today; school, parenting, and a good night's sleep are the plans. My husband offered to do something special for dinner, though with our daughter being one day into her braces, that seems mean. I can wait. We'll celebrate soon enough.

I did stop at the chocolatier's yesterday to bring a bit for everyone on staff today. In this culture it is common for the person whose birthday it is to get something for those around them. Lots of people stopped by today, some dropping things off when I was out of my room. One of my favorites was a set of cards from some first graders for whom I get to teach phonics lessons with. What a great, authentic reason for them to write. They brought twenty some smiles to my face. Yippee for trips around the sun!


  1. Happy birthday- love your attitude about being ready for the year ahead.

  2. Happy Birthday. I celebrated a birthday the day my son got braces one year. You were smart to wait for your celebration:)

  3. Happy birthday, ones again. I can now look at birthdays from a different perspective. Yay! No PCR's, that's a great relief. Enjoy your trip.

  4. Happy birthday again, and here's to many more trips around the sun!