Friday, March 11, 2022

(11/31) How Is It Possible?!

11 of 31 - SOLSC 2022

If you remember having to wait for the Cabbage Patch Kid you had paid for to arrive at the store because of the extensive backorder or if you wore one of these...
this post is going to resonate with you. If neither of those things is true, then you may read this post from the perspective of research for your future self.

How is it possible that each day I peer into the magnifying mirror to search for errant hairs, upon finding one I yank it out with the tweezers - barely holding onto the miniscule amount that is protruding, and yet there are still days that all of a sudden a hair appears that is at least a half inch long?!?!

Anyone else?


  1. You are not alone!
    This is so relatable. All of it.

  2. Cabbage Patch Kid - Nope.
    Those clasps for the hair - Yes!
    Errant hairs - Now where do I start?

  3. Oh yes, errant hairs are far easier to find the those Cabbage Patch Kids were back,...well you know when...

  4. I think I'm a bit older based on the hair ...but my dad got my Cabbage Patch Doll for me in back alley deal. Maybe that is a slice for another day ...

  5. You had me at cabbage patch kids. My mom couldn’t get me one, so she made one in a craft class. I remember being so disappointed. I got one the next year but she could only find a boy. I still have it. Saving it for grandkids someday! And had many banana clip caked with a layer of hair spray. And have the errant hairs, too!

  6. Excellent hook! Clearly I kept reading (and not for research's sake...). And yes, I think my very blonde eye brows like to stay translucent blonde until they're full grown, and then - BAM - a half-inch, brown hair is just hanging out, as if he hasn't been there the whole time. (Also... that magnifying mirror... why?!?)