Thursday, March 17, 2022

(17/31) You Learn Something New Everyday!

17 of 31 - SOLSC 2022

Today I learned that...

Relivion is a new device on the horizon that will be able to stimulate both the trigeminal nerves and the occipital nerve or just one. (If you or someone in your life has migraine, the Migraine World Summit started today. There is SO much information. Check it out.)

And I learned that...

Gilligan (of Gilligan's Island) was his last name. His first name? Willy. Willy Gilligan. (Did you know this? Am I the only one for whom this is a news flash?) Spring Break is starting and we are headed to a remote island...


  1. Your post on the main site again shows up with a different link. The link to the world summit.

    Good luck with the remote island!

  2. My copy button doesn’t seem to be working. 😞

  3. Wow - now I've learned 2 new things!
    Have a great time on the remote island!