Sunday, March 27, 2022

(27/31) Riddle Me This

27 of 31 - SOLSC 2022

Today is my brother's birthday.
He is the brother who has been my brother the longest.
He is not my oldest brother.
I am an 'oldest'.
All of these statements are true.
How is it possible?

Pretty typical for a Gen X, probably. I have an older half brother (whose birthday it is today!) I have a little brother and the two of us grew up in a house together. I also have three older step brothers whom I have known since I was three as we grew up in the same church together. (They have been my brothers since I was 13.) So, as far as birth order 'stuff' goes, I am an oldest and yet I have four older brothers. Today, the youngest of those four is celebrating his day. Happy Birthday, Mark!


  1. First of all, GenX had such good music & movies & things. Love the "who has been my brother the longest"!

  2. Happy birthday to Mark from me too.

  3. Interesting! Would be even more interesting to create more riddles like this - stuff that Gen X reveled in!

  4. I wasn't quite sure why this was tagged as a "Gen X" riddle. Hmmm . . . Love this peak into this representation of family.