Saturday, March 12, 2016

SOLSC - 38 Hour Adventure

It's March - Time for the month long Slice of Life challenge thanks to Two Writing Teachers.

38 hour adventure complete. (All weekends should be three day weekends so the adventures can be longer!) We headed out yesterday morning (right after I wrote my slice) and just walked in the door (and I'm sitting down to write my slice) - must be March! Each member of my family had a great weekend, and though we were together for the entire adventure, our highlights are different.

My daughter loved to play in the sand, but mostly to climb rocks. Good thing we were in the desert, surrounded by rock outcrops. She also just loves camping and found out that she really does like to off road, but the rock climbing topped her list on this adventure. This trip there was another boy, about a year older than she is. He was new to rock climbing and so, rather than asking for Daddy to be near, so took on the role of expert and showed him how it is done.

My husband, who even gave a few "Woo-hoo!"s throughout the adventure, loved being off road. Some of our adventure was wadi-bashing, but we also encountered rocks of all sizes, dried river beds, stone ledges (just wide enough for a truck), and more sand. We had the truck in four wheel much of the time and I think he not only enjoyed himself, but was proud to never need to be dug out or pulled out.

For me, I loved sitting in creation and especially the wide open space of the desert. I loved the quiet and the color. I loved the end of the day as the sun heads for the horizon and the light magnifies the color and then the deepening of the sky and finally a humongous sky so full or star it is hard to believe that anyone could count them all.

There were fifteen of us in six rigs for this outing. At one point I quipped that we could drop some of us off to set up camp, enjoy the quiet vastness, and let the little kids play. Meanwhile the big kids (and in this country, to drive you have to be male) go see what they can conquer on four wheels.

A good time was had by all!

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