Monday, March 28, 2016

SOLSC - Sri Lankan Cacophony

 The sky drew darker throughout the afternoon. The tuktuk was negotiated traffic when it started. This rain did not start with a drip or a sprinkle - one minute the sky was threatening rain and the next minute someone ripped the coulda open and the water dumped out.

My daughter commented that it is like being at home, in Seattle. Obviously we aren't there much as this was NOTHING like a Seattle rain. As we got to bout the third reason why she cut in with, "OK! OK! I get it!"

We returned to the house and sat out on the huge, covered veranda. My husband picked up where he had left odd in Harry Potter and I took in the Cacophony around me.

The sound of rain, thunder (that was actually quite distant at that point, but you wouldn't know it from the volume!), my husband reading with voices according to character, and my daughter munching on a snack.

The sensory input did not end there as I was looking out through rich greenery at raindrops and lightening and literally hundred and hundreds (I quit counting when I reached a thousand) huge bats obviously flying with a purpose from one place to another directly across my line of sight.


  1. I love thinking about Harry Potter coming to life amidst what you describe in that faraway land!

  2. Love your description, using all your senses, of the storm around you. I wish I could enjoy thunderstorms, as we get some whoppers around here, but the noise gets to me too much!