Monday, March 21, 2016

SOLSC - Exotic Palm Branches

It's March - Time for the month long Slice of Life challenge thanks to Two Writing Teachers.

After a long day of school and what-nots we have finally made it through dinner. After dinner we read a Bible passage for the day. Being Palm Sunday, we read about "Hosanna!"s and a donkey and a parade and the waving of palm branches and it strikes me; as a kid palm branches were so exotic. The fact that they ordered palms, especially for this day, that were shipped in for us to wave as we sang our "Hosanna!"s, was part of my childhood. Among the evergreen trees, a few maples, and often some budding fruit trees, the idea of a palm tree was so foreign. And now, here I am: palm trees line every road and the palm fronds along the path between our door and the car drive me crazy as they never seem to be trimmed back far enough to not be encroaching on the path - not an evergreen in sight.

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