Thursday, March 31, 2016

SOLSC - Another March. Check!

I can't believe the month has come to an end. My writing muscles felt good during this year's challenge. I feel that all of my posts both said something and had me thinking about the craft of writing rather than simply trying to put words down and get them published. (Thanks Stacey for the permission that slices can be first draft writing!)

Spring Break almost always falls so that I am doing part of the challenge on the road. When you are traveling light and in third world countries there are extra layers to the challenge; blogging, posting, and commenting from mobile devices as well as power cuts and unreliable and often sluggish connections. It's a good thing vacation time has extra hours in the day!

Thank you, once again, Two Writing Teachers Team for giving us this opportunity to come together as a writing community. "See" you all Tuesdays. 


  1. Kristi, kudos for managing to hang in there through extra challenges and using vacay time to solve them. I'm still hoping we can meet one of these summers when you make it back to the NW.

  2. You could just keep going . . . I would willingly read them every day!!