Friday, March 11, 2016

SOLSC - Small World

It's March - Time for the month long Slice of Life challenge thanks to Two Writing Teachers.

I am sure some of you have had this happen: you are reading posts of Facebook and you see someone comment on someone else's post and you think, "How do they know each other?!" When I notice this I have to ask. I love finding connections in the world.

It happened again this week and when I asked it turns out they had gone to the same church camp when they were kids. This church camp happens to be someplace very near and dear to my heart and my life story many times over. It is how I know one of the people - Christy (who lives in Washington). (The world continued to connect us as her sister married someone I had grown up in the same church with and now they live in my hometown and the paths continue to cross, but that is a tangent.)

I know Wendy (who now lives in Colorado) because she worked for my dad when I was a kid and I used to help out in the office in the summers and met her then. When I grew up I got to have some of the same life experiences she had also had in Alaska. Last summer she organized a reunion for people with that connection and we met again as adults. 

Yesterday she posted an op-ed piece her son wrote, as a proud momma should. (And she has reason to be proud!) I commented on the post, tagging my college's president as this is a kid who would fit well at my alma mater. She then told me our worlds collide again as her daughter just made the major life decision that gives her answer to the all important question, "What school are you going to next year?" Yup, my alma mater.

All of that would be enough for a 'small world' post, right? It doesn't stop there. When her daughter was on a visit to her future university a couple of week's ago she hung out with, wait for it, my god-daughter (who lives in Wyoming). And when Wendy asked how I know her, I met her parents at that same church camp this all started with. Now that, ladies and gentleman, is a small world.

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