Saturday, March 19, 2016

SOLSC - Comfort Food?

It's March - Time for the month long Slice of Life challenge thanks to Two Writing Teachers.

With my husband still out of town and the weekend nearing its end my dinner making ambitions were low. My need for something satisfying was high. I bought something I knew he wouldn't go for and I couldn't remember the last time I had - boxed macaroni and cheese! 

My craving for mac and cheese not only involved the slight glow of orange cheese powder. I like bright green peas mixed among the cylinder noodles. Being where I am I can't get everything so ShopRite rather than Kraft; canned rather than frozen. The cart loaded we headed home.

The day wore on and dinner time was nearly upon us. I put the water on to boil as the little one went to play outside. Once dinner was ready we reconvened at the dining room table. Smiling, I took my first bite - and wanted to spit it out. Canned peas are nothing like frozen ones! 

I said nothing and tried not to make any faces as I ate a few bites as they were served to me and the rest I subtly separated the ruining orbs from the scrumptiousness of the main idea, thankful I was eating from a deep bowl. 

She said nothing, until it was time for seconds and then asked, "May I please have just macaroni and cheese?"

When I came back from the kitchen with her second helping I asked for her help. "If I ever try to buy canned peas again, please remind me how gross they are."

She looked up, wide eyed.

"You were a huge trooper eating it the way it was served to you the first time. I think they are gross, too."

Her grin spread and she promised to remind me. 

After dinner I stood over the pot and hunted for peas to remove from the mix. When she saw what I was doing she asked, "May I please have some for lunch tomorrow?"

"Both of us will" I told her as I, hopefully, learned my lesson AND bonded with my daughter.


  1. What are you thinking? That's the question that popped into my mind when I visualized those canned peas! Ick!!!

    Wonderful moment you'll talk about w/ your daughter when she's all grown up.

  2. Every once in a while (earlier this week included), I love box macaroni and cheese, the kind with the orange powder cheese. I like to mix mine with cinnamon applesauce. Definitely no peas!

  3. Haha, cute moment! Love that you both didn't like the peas! You told this in a really fun way!

  4. Growing up my kids loved Kraft dinner - but I haven't made it in ages. Your slice took me back! lovely

  5. I love Kraft Mac and Cheese, but I like it best as a side to fish sticks!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š