Sunday, May 6, 2012

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'We've gone way beyond Apartheid' Frank Barat's interview with Jeff Halper.

We have to try to match the political process, the political reality, because it is unprecedented in the world. Another term is "warehousing" because I think that captures what's going on better than apartheid. Warehousing is permanent. Apartheid recognizes that there is another side. With warehousing it's like prisons. There is no other side. There is us, and then there are these people that we control, they have no rights, they have no identity, they're inmates. It's not political, it's permanent, static. Apartheid you can resist. The whole brilliance of warehousing is that you can't resist because you're a prisoner. It's like prisons. Prisoners can rise in the prison yards but prison guards have all the rights in the world to put them down. That's what Israel has come to.


My daughter won't need this for many years to come, but I still found them interesting to read…
A Third Culture Kid’s Guide to College
So, here are our words of advice, the things we would’ve told our freshman year selves, if we could. It’s not dressed up, it’s not loaded with research. Honest thoughts, in our own words, from real Third Culture Kids.

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Prior to college will come graduation. Michael Smith at Principal's Page shares,
My Graduation Speech, which I loved.

Adults in your life don’t tell you the whole truth, especially when you are graduating from high school or college.  They are just happy you are not in jail.

Plus, they love you.  They have to.  It’s the law.

They also don’t want to tell you the truth because they don’t want to watch you cry like a junior high boy.

So I’m going to.

I’m not here to completely crush your hopes and dreams, but it’s probably going to happen so you might as well sit back and take it.

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  1. Hi Kristi. I read your post earlier, but didn't have time to comment until now. Both are really challenging to read, not such happy outlooks there really, but I was glad to read them & know that they are out there. Thanks for stopping by my posts, too. I hope I can start reading Divergent today! Glad to hear you've enjoyed Byrd Baylor. Of course you know I think she's great.