Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Prego Journey - Part 1

Because Pipkin was due June 24th and a due date is give or take two weeks and because if the baby was born in July and I had to have a c-section we would be out on the street before I could fly. I had to go to the States to have the baby. (We were really hoping for the baby to be born overseas and then they would never have to face the pressure of the possibility of running for the Presidency.)

Pregnant women are not allowed to fly after 36 weeks and my doctor wanted me on a plane by 34 weeks. I had a ticket for 34 weeks. That is when I said 'good-bye' to Jordan. (We had been living there for four years.)

image from International Committee of the Red Cross

With enough advance warning I had everything for my class was prepared. The weeks before I spent slowly packing my things and removing them from school. Sub plans were written, paperwork done, parties attended, and farewells with friends happened.

On the morning of my flight I had a bus request so I could say 'good-bye' to my husband at home (he didn't have the excuse of being pregnant and thus needing to fly early) and use the thirty minute drive to settle myself.

The bus didn't come and J ended up driving me to the airport. I let the tears come as we headed south on Airport Road. The tears were primarily as a tribute to the place we had loved calling home for four years and a bit for the unknown.

I knew I would need a porter when I arrived at the airport, both due to my pregnancy and to having several suitcases to check plus my carry on. The porter was great and soon I was standing in front of an agent, checking in - to leave Jordan.

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Anytime I traveled pregnant (Pipkin traveled by plane seven times in utero) they wanted the letter from my doctor, giving me medical clearance, and would go off to find a photo copy machine before returning and asking me to sign a waiver. Fine. These things take time. I waited.

I knew I would need the paperwork again in London so when they didn't come back I insisted that I really did need to carry it with me. They told me they would give it back to me upstairs (at the gate). That made me a a bit nervous, but I would do as they asked and make a stink, only if needed.

To Be Continued…


  1. Good heavens is what I say. How can you leave us hanging? Not fair, but since you have spoken of Pipkin as more than that name, I am assuming that all was okay, we just don't know how! Next time...

  2. I can hardly wait for the next installment . . . I have not heard some of this before.