Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prego Journey - Part 3

(Part one can be found here and part two here.)
As we were taxiing, a flight attendant approached me and asked if I was traveling alone. "Yes" I replied. "Please come with me." That can only be good, right? I grabbed my bag and followed him.

He took me forward to the next bulkhead, across the plane, and to an aisle seat. Alleluia! 34G was my new seat. I was so thankful! Now I knew I would survive this flight.

I said a multitude of praises as we continued to taxi.

I watched the woman in front of me, who had a baby, continually undo her seatbelt, stand up, and get into the overhead compartment for things for her screaming baby. Remember, we were taxiing. The flight attendants kept trying to get her to stay seated, and belted, and now we were on the runway. The baby screamed, the engines revved, and we were in the sky.

Some rights reserved by Jack Fussell

The baby finally quieted down, the flight attendants began prepping for meal service, and I was so thankful to be on an aisle. I realized I can never again board a plane with a middle seat assigned to me.

Then, a flight attendant shows up at my seat and says, "Come with me". I grabbed my bag and followed him forward, past the bulkhead, through World Traveler (economy plus), past another bulkhead, and into Club World (business).

He asked if this will be OK as I started to cry. I stammer out a "Yes, thank you".
"Thank you. (sniffle) Thank you so much. (wipe my tears) Your kindness has made my day. (sniffle, sniffle) Thank you!"

I sat in awe and tears for a few minutes before I started to figure out how the seat and features all work. I was immensely blessed to have the luxury of laying flat or sitting with my feet elevated or standing behind my seat and still being able to watch movies.

The plane touched down in Seattle. I waited for my wheelchair, still euphoric. Immigration and customs are a blur in my memory. What do I remember? We made it.


  1. Woah, what an incredible story! That's awesome that you were upgraded and able to have a smooth journey to Seattle. I just read all the parts of the story~ :)
    --jee young

  2. What a story! I'm so glad you were upgraded and able to relax during that long flight. I am always so jealous of those in business class. Well told!

  3. What special & thoughtful people were on that plane with you, giving you a thought & then finding just the right seat. I'm so glad it worked out so well for you Kristi. A good memory after all.

  4. Your post reminded me of the many trips I took with my three when they were very young - someone always showed kindness which made the trip do-able. I still remember some of these now, and am still grateful.

  5. How thoughtful of the people around you to look out for you like this! This is definitely a "the plane landed safely" story!

  6. Okay - I'm stuffing a pillow in my shirt the next time I travel...glad you made it!

  7. Small things make big differences, right? I'm glad you made it -- as comfortable as possible.

  8. Comfort is key when you're flying. Glad you got the lay flat upgrade! :)