Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mommy Bracelet

     again and again
     and again and again and
miserable, tired, and sick

So excited you are there and growing

     Excuse me, I'm going to be sick

We dream and imagine who you
     are and will be
We plan and pray
We are becoming a family of 3

Though I am sick


After 7 months I am rarely
     sick and you are obviously there

Then the itches start
     and DO NOT STOP

Not with scratching
Not with lotion
Not with ice cubes
Not with sleep
Will I itch for the next five weeks?

3 a.m. - potty time
Wow! I really had to go

Oh my
No way
You aren't supposed to come for a month
(and your Daddy isn't here)

Can't stop you so here we go

Pain and push
Pipkin turns to Grace


On my first Mothers Day I was given a bracelet, my Mommy Bracelet. It was a gift and a thank you for carrying, birthing, and now trying my best to help raise our daughter. I wrote this poem to remember how I got here.

'Pipkin' was our in utero name for our baby because we didn't know the gender before birth.

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  1. Sweet memory, in spite of itch & pain, still Grace! Happy Mother's Day, Kristi!