Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Has Sprung


Today brought the first day of school, in May, and something happened. Within thirty minutes I came across two students who made the following brilliant choices.

CIMG1962 IMG02755-20120501-1443_iwatch

Scenario 1:

My students were packed up, back packs waiting in the hall, students in line with water bottles, and ready to head to P.E. I watched them file out of the classroom. Something about the last student to leave caught my eye.

I noticed a flash of yellow (they wear uniforms without any yellow). The student was trying to grab their sweatshirt while keeping their arms crossed. It didn't look natures. The yellow looked very much like paper from a legal pad. Where they taking notes to P.E.?

I called the student over, asking them what was in their hand. They unfolded their arms and I was surprised to see a ball of lined paper in each hand.


I put my hands out to take the paper and was shocked by the weight of the paper. I took a peak. Ah, yes. Now it makes sense. I had seen the piles. Caught glimpses of flying objects. But really? All of these to be shredded down and used in one, 45 minute, P.E. class?

Not sure how they thought they were going to pull that off.


I asked what they were for (perhaps there was a logical explanation for taking eight hidden erasers to P.E.). They didn't want to answer.

No worries. Finding out they came from "home" I turned and walked back into my room. The student can wonder what will happen next.

They will find out soon enough, I emailed home and copied them in.

Scenario 2:

I was still shaking my head from the encounter when I entered the office of a colleague. They showed me an iWatch with a touch screen and the space for an SD card.

I bet you can guess where this one is going.

Yup, the student knew they had some assessments and needed a little 'help'. The photo was taken to educate teachers about the latest crib sheet options. (You're welcome)

Spring has sprung definitely sprung. We better hold on because it is only going to go downhill from here.
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  1. Oh my, this may be a very long month with behavior like this. Good eagle eyes and a suspicious nature are two skills essential in a classroom. Stay alert!

  2. Wow...just wow. How can we ever keep up, I wonder?!

  3. I have to echo Tara here! Wow! I have never heard of an iWatch! I'm not old, I'm tech savvy, I keep up, I love my ipad and iphone. When did this iWatch come about? Teachers need a listserv for this sort of thing! :)

  4. Such an on the ball teacher! Haven't they figured out by now that nothing gets by you, or does it?

  5. @Tara - We need each other. That's how we'll keep up.
    @Robin - Good point. Perhaps we need a teacher wiki on crib sheets.
    @Gunstones - I am not sure which would be better, for them to still be a bit clueless or for them to realize teachers have it figured out.