Friday, May 4, 2012

Purple Play Dough

An entire weekend before us. What to do? Daddy was working (someone has to be on campus for things like basketball tournaments) and I was trying to keep us engaged without having to go out in the heat. (Yes, summer is here.)

A couple of weeks ago G had a friend over. They decided to dive into the Play Dough. We had one, tiny container, which was perfect when it was just G. With a friend I needed to find more. Sorting through the plane toys stash I found another tiny container. They had a blast.

The problem was that the new container was very crumbly. It didn't seem to bother them when they were playing, but it was a pain to try and clean up. The two colors got mixed in the process, which I figured would help.

It didn't.

The garbage was the only remedy for the sprinklings of fuchsia Play Dough that remained each time she played with it. But we couldn't be without Play Dough. I guess it was time to start making our own.

Do you know this book?
Product Details

It was given to me as a baby shower gift. (Thanks Auntie Lisa!) I used it loads when G was little as we figured out what foods to introduce and how.

The surprise about this book is that there are also loads of recipes for once they are no longer babies and a section titled "Fun Stuff!" This is where I got our Play Dough recipe. I chose this recipe because it does not take any cooking an only needs flour, salt, water, and coloring.

We don't have salt in our house. We never use it, for anything. Remember we were trying to avoid being out in the heat so walking to the store in the middle of the day was not on my list of activities to undertake.

Thankfully we have wonderful neighbors and we able to borrow salt. (Today, at the store, we bought salt, just for Play Dough, and 'returned' the borrowed salt and gave them some purple Play Dough.)

We need another trial, or two, until we reach perfect consistency. G will still count our first attempt as a success…

I only have purple paint (washable tempura - the flip lid bottle). Luckily she has never had more than one color of Play Dough at a time in her life.

So far, so good.


  1. Terrific problem-solving! I have a great recipe for a cooked Pla-Dough if you're interested. It is so much more moist than that at the store. But glad you found something that worked, too. Pla-Dough is awesome!

    1. Thanks Linda. I am always willing to try a good recipe.