Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Little Girl, My Big Girl

My Little Girl
My Big Girl

You left babyhood long ago
toddling and talking your way into girlhood

A little girl who loves
to sing
to read
to dance
to giggle

And is drawn to Jesus

You play with your dolls or ‘cook’
build block towers or piece together puzzles
color or draw
snap pictures or jump
and then clean it all up

You are a natural encourager and nurturer
– always helping your friends and your dolls

Observantly, you notice how others are feeling
You breathe a sigh of relief when everyone’s OK
Glad when smiles are restored

“Good job!” is quick to come out of your mouth

You literally stop to smell the roses
or watch the ants
or search the sky for a plane or the moon

The breeze in the leaves or the lapping of waves
are caught by your gaze

You are a little girl - full of life and love, giggles and thought. Your imagination is becoming more and more active. I love listening to you tell me about the the things you think up.

You are not really a big girl yet.
There are so many years of childhood still before you. I don’t want you to rush through any of it. Though you may not be a big girl yet, there are so many things you can do now, that you couldn’t do before. Mastering these new things feels big.

You can…
set the table
talk in complex sentences
remember so much
get dressed
go potty and wash your hands
climb just about anything
help anyone who will let you
put your dishes in the sink
use a ‘big girl’ spoon and fork
fold laundry
open and put on a band-aid
buckle your booster and car seats
put your backpack on
open and close doors
use a stool to reach something (like light switches and faucets)
choose your own outfits (and you really like to match)
remember loads of names and ask if you don’t know – names matter to you
talk on the phone
hug on Skype
Take pictures with your ‘cam-ee-ra’
hold passports
operate your ‘Pink’
put your dolls down for naps
play teacher with lots of Circle Time and “Who is here today?”
undress (though taking shirts off is still not easy)
tackle any stairs
change your dolls’ diapers
snuff out candles (change the light)
wash yourself
towel off
brush your teeth

The list will continue to grow as you do.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Little Girl!

Neon Numerals-3 2 by rwwgub - Drawn by: rwwgub

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  1. My 3 year old granddaughter is coming to stay the day and night & I will remember your poem. Your first lines are so telling, little girl/big girl. Have a wonderful birthday celebration today, Kristi.