Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An original story to enertain a child

One day, long before you were born, and even before your parents were born, there lived a mouse. The mouse's name was Leo. Leo had 27 brothers and sisters. They all lived in the wall of a castle.

Leo had many, many adventures during his life. This time I will only have time to tell you about one of those adventures. This adventure took place when Leo was still a very young mouse, but old enough to know that he was supposed to love cheese and hate cats and to never, ever, ever step on any pieces of metal. (That was how his youngest brother had died. The 'SNAP' of the trap still haunted Leo's dreams.)

This particular day Leo was scurrying around the castle looking for a princess to scare. He was ducking behind the knights in armor (though their armor was not very shiney) and scampering under a tapestry when he saw a princess curled up with a book. He was just planning his route so he could pop up on the far side of the book, scare her, and be gone while she was still creaming. His plan was perfect, except for one thing. Curled up next to the princess was a cat!

The cat saw Leo and the chase was on. They ran over tables and under the bed, up the curtains and along the ledge. Just as it looked like the cat had Leo cornered the princess caught up to them and picked them each up by their tails.

What do you think happened next?

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  1. They were thrown outside to fend for themselves! I love to make up little stories, Kristi, mostly telling them at bedtime when the grandkids come over.