Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gushing Water

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Gushing water may be a nice sound at a geyser or water park, but not in your home.

We were enjoying a quiet Thursday afternoon (our Saturday). G was down for her nap and the two of us were talking on the couch when we heard water. At first I thought it was a hose outside (common around here) while J thought G might have gotten up to go potty and turned the water on full bore to wash her hands.

Unfortunately it was neither. Once we realized it was a pipe, coming from in the wall, I shut off the water pump and J called maintenance. I then got out towels and kept the growing puddles, both in the bathroom upstairs and the kitchen downstairs, at bay.

Maintenance came and eventually put a temporary fix on the pipe, but told us we would have to wait until Saturday (read your Monday) to have it fixed. They will have to replace the entire pipe that goes from the bathroom up to the room. My guess is that there will be tile ripped out and who knows what involved.

The mold emanating from where the wall has been ripped open was horrific. I opened the window, removed all the towels, and closed the door. I am glad I wasn't here while the repair was done. I think these things are better to not know all the details.

I did two loads of towels after cleaning up round one of the mess. I called a neighbor and arranged for showers so we at least don't stink as we go into work.

I am also thankful that it happened while we were at home. I am thankful that we have maintenance available and won't have to figure out how to pay for this repair. Thankful for the neighbor's shower. Thankful that we still had water downstairs, and a trickle upstairs which equaled a fully functional kitchen and toilets we could flush.



  1. I recall the sound of running water. When our son was very young he turned on the hose and put it into our dryer vent. An unplanned trip to the basement was the only thing that prevented a bigger flood. Now that he's a father I look forward to hearing what his kids will do.

  2. How awful, Kristi. I hope it all gets fixed fast. And it is a blessing you were home. I can't imagine what might happen in only a few hours. Glad you had some blessings thee at the end.

  3. So good that you were home Kristi. In our family, my parent's son lives in Israel and has been here with his family for a few years. He is leasing his home in Israel and the renter was away when a pipe burst... a lot of damage and torment before it was back to normal and being so far away...

    Hope things are back to normal for you

  4. Oh no! That's awful. Hope things get back to normal pretty quickly for you.

  5. Unfortunate event, but with so many blessings involved! Community around us--no matter where we live--is so important!

  6. Well, much to be glad about, even in this awful situation...imagine to come home and discover this! Good luck with the recovery process, Kristi.

  7. I like your attitude. There was an unfortunate problem, but it's dealt with, and you even find things to be thankful for.

  8. We had some problems with flooding this year when our pipes froze. so frustrating

  9. Ugh is right. Your reflective ending added a positive to an awful situation. Well crafted.