Friday, March 29, 2013


We were wandering the night market in Luang Probang tonight when I thought I would let G pick out her own souvenir. (The grown ups had picked out two gorgeous rose wood bowls.) I had been noticing some small, zippered bags that I was sure she would like. I asked her if she would like one, pointing to the smallest two sizes. We knelt down (this night market displays everything on the ground) and she began looking through them. After closely examining several she decided she didn't want one.

I was a bit shocked. It is very rare that we buy things for her and she loves to get presents, but I was also proud that she didn't pick one just to have 'stuff'.

After wandering some more she spotted some tiny dolls and asked if she could have one. We knelt down to examine them and I showed her that they were actually key chains. Once again she spend minutes considering her options before deciding to pass.

She is very particular, which she gets from her daddy. I love that she didn't need a 'thing'. Today we had a great adventure we are calling our 'Butterfly Adventure' because if the hundreds of thousands of white butterflies we saw. Tomorrow we are heading on a boat adventure. We have done something right when the adventures are more important than the things!



  1. She is very wise to learn so early that the adventure is more valuable. Enjoy those butterflies.

  2. Yes, she is a wise one. The pictures you take and the memories brought by those pictures...those will be wonderful memories. Jackie