Thursday, March 7, 2013

Skiing in the UAE

When I thought about what I would want to do while I was in Dubai only two things came to mind; Burj Khalifa (which I had to work very hard to remember the name change from Burj Dubai) and Ski Dubai.

One down. One to go.

The funny thing about these two outings is that they are in the two most famous malls in Dubai. Last night we were at the Dubai Mall. Tonight, Mall of the Emirates.

Ski Dubai's website says, "The first indoor ski resort in the Middle East". That had me wonder how many indoor ski resorts there are in the world because this is the only one I know about. Wikipedia says there are 11 others. Who knew?

I also had no idea that there were restaurants surrounding Ski Dubai with glass windows for observing the fun on the snow. At dinner we were able to see the snow park part of the area with inter tube and huge, clear balls you could roll down the hill in.

When you walk in you pay for your experience and then collect boots, pants, and a jacket (as well as disposable socks). You then head over to get your skis. Once you are all geared up you head up an escalator to the slope. Just before passing outside you collect your poles. (They do have snowboards as well.)

Most people were going to play in the snow - experience the cold, perhaps try the snow park, and ride the chair lift all the way around. There were also local teens who obviously used Ski Dubai as their hang out.

Not only is there the quad lift, there is also a Poma lift along the one wall.

The walls are painted light blue, but the ambiance is not that of a sunny day on the slopes, more of an overcast feel. I felt right at home!

With 196 feet of vertical drop the lift takes much longer than the journey down the hill, but it made me smile. It was also very good for my ego as I had the best form anywhere on the hill. I found myself thinking 'I ski pretty' to the tune of "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story.

I am glad I got a chance to make some turns and it is fun to say I mastered Ski Dubai.


  1. As a Canadian and someone who lives mere hours from the Rockies, this, truly from another world! Great post and pix -- thanks for the glimpse into this experience!

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