Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mixed Emotion Thursday

Perhaps the mixed emotions I have had today are actually appropriate for Maundy  Thursday. The disciples were riding the thrill of Palm Sunday and the joy continued with being able to celebrate the Passover with Jesus. And then came the garden and the soldiers and the rooster.

The joy of hearing 'Mommy!' as she came down the jet way. The family hug, being on vacation, having them each asleep here in the same room. Yet, reading our passage at dinner I realized it is Thursday already. Tonight the celebrations came to a screeching halt with some silver and a kiss. A spectrum of emotions, all in one day.



  1. Oh wow. This sounds very intriguing, but I need more details to help me really understand what's going on... (an engagement I'm guessing?) A turbulent day indeed...

  2. The celebration may have come to a halt, but it did not totally stop; we get to celebrate resurrection in just a few days! God's grace is amazing!

  3. Beautiful reflection of Holy Week.